Resources For New Software Development Managers

Most new managers are generally ill-prepared for the job. This can be especially true at smaller companies. Even if you do get some kind of management training, it’s pretty difficult to picture a training program that would cover all the important things you would need to know to be a great software development manager. First, […]

The Value Of Listening to Programming Podcasts

Podcasts are great. You should subscribe and listen to some. They can provide a ton of value for a pretty low time investment. This probably isn’t the first post out there to tout the value of listening to programming podcasts. And of course, it’s probably not hard to see why they are useful.┬áBut I did […]

Why You Should Review And Comment Your Own Pull Requests

Code reviews are a fairly standard part of the software development process at many companies. And for good reason – they are an excellent opportunity to catch design issues, silly mistakes, misunderstandings, or other general code issues. More eyes on a piece of code means a higher possibility of catching bugs. Pull requests are commonly […]